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Norwegian Environmental Agency

I serve as a software consultant contracted to build management systems for governmental agencies across different countries, funded through the Norwegian Oil for Development Programme. I also administer software development training for the IT departments of these agencies


Shack 15 is a co-working space setup in multiple locations around the world. I worked on the API used to power both the mobile app and CRM for managing the facilities and subscriptions of each location


I started DevLess as a way to get my feet wet with Laravel development. It provides APIs out of the box. Currently it has over 250 apps built using it. My personal favourite examples of an app on DevLess is https://sinpoa.com/ a cryptocurrency platform.

Graduate School Association (Ghana)

The graduate school of Ghana provides students grants during their graduate programs in any of the 20 tertiary institutes in the country. This fund disbursement is usually done manually and can be cumbersome. I worked on an automated system for the 2018 funding year. The implementation involved allowing students to create profiles and upload supporting documents. The system automatically disbursed funds and flaged suspicious accounts, which are then handled manually through the admin dashboard. One of the highlights of this project was handling high traffic spikes.

Lancaster University (Ghana)—Guest lecturer

I handled practical sessions with the senior year students providing them with real world software development experiences. Most of my sessions involved sourcing freelance gigs and working on them together with the students. I loved this!.