Last updated 2023-02-08 20:27:29

A Way To Avoid Filling In Required Fields

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form showing required fields [→]

Don't you just wish you could skip required input fields sometimes? Well, you actually can, let me show you how.

The trick

I know you see an empty snippet below, but trust me and copy its content and paste it into the required input field.


The field should stop barking at you to provide a value.

What did you just copy?

What you just copied and pasted into that required field is a Zero Width Non-Joiner character. It is a Unicode character like any other, eg: a,b,c. It's meant to be used by print systems that do not use the space character to space out words.

It being a character that is not visible makes it a perfect candidate for shutting up validators put in place to make sure we fill out input boxes.

The fix

As a developer, the last thing you want is someone bypassing your validators. Luckily the fix for this is straightforward. Ensure your validator checks that the provided input is not made up of one or a series of the Zero Width Non-Joiner character and you should be good.

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