How To Create A List In Markdown

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A list is one of the best ways of laying out step-by-step instructions or presenting related items to readers.

There are two main types of lists:

👉 Ordered List

An ordered list is one where the items within the list need to be followed in chronological order.

Here is an example of such list

  1. Wake up
  2. Clean up
  3. Eat

Creating this list is straightforward and there is no designated syntax to achieve this.

👉 Unordered list

An unordered list is a list of items where the order does not matter.

  • football
  • backetball
  • tennisball

To have the dots show up by each item in an unordered list you will have to place a hyphen (-) before each item in the list.

The Markdown for the above list is as follows:

01: - football
02: - backetball
03: - tennisball

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