How To Create A Table In Markdown

There are two ways to create a table in Markdown:

👉 Markdown syntax

Some Markdown renderers by default do not support the Markdown table syntax as it's considered an external Markdown syntax.

The syntax for creating a table involves the use of | and - to create a visual table which will then be converted to an HTML table to be finally rendered.

Here is an example:

01: | Fruit | Price |
02: | ----- | ----- |
03: | Apple | $12   |
04: | Mango | $14   |
Fruit Price
Apple $12
Mango $14

Because this is Markdown syntax, the style of your table is at the mercy of the overall CSS your platform has in place.

To have a bit more control over the table styling you might want to use HTML instead.

👉 HTML syntax

When you use the Markdown syntax above, the renderer converts it to HTML. One of the nice things about Markdown is the ability to write HTML and it will still be considered valid Markdown. This is because Markdown is considered a superset of HTML. With that being said it's generally a good idea to avoid excessive use of HTML within your Markdown document as it reduced readability.

Here is the table above expressed using HTML with the items in color.

01: <table>
02:    <tr>
03:       <th>Fruit</th>
04:       <th>Price</th>
05:    </tr>
06:    <tr>
07:       <td style="color:green">Apple</td>
08:       <td>$12</td>
09:    </tr>
10:    <tr>
11:       <td style="color:orange">Mango</td>
12:       <td>$14</td>
13:    </tr>
14: </table>
Fruit Price
Apple $12
Mango $14

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