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I Love The Internet Habitat F**k MARS

Mars terrain [→]

I recently read an article on why humans should go to MARS [↗] and on how to make Mars habitable, Immediately I began to think about how my life would be like on Mars and some of the things I would miss from Earth.

Interestingly one of the things I would miss the most is yet another habitat, the internet. Yes! the internet. I know it can be made available on Mars but it will take a while to fix issues like latency and if we decide to put up a new network on Mars it will mean a start over for me. And for these reasons, I prefer to live on the internet compared to packing my bags and leaving for Mars thus when it even becomes habitable and I have the cash to leave.

Why do I compare the internet to a physical habitat? Because it feels like one. Let’s look at it.

People and Things on the Internet

Jack’s Mannequin — People And Things(Album) [→]

The internet has a whole host of entities from devices with IP addresses acting as our box addresses, LAN acting as our streets and neighborhoods, mac addresses as our home addresses, and emails as our mailboxes. All of this marking out our space on the internet. Not to forget the Internet Of Things(IoT) that can be likened to the physical things we see around us every day. Ones we own and rent, and those that belong to others. And oh, they also have their addresses just like the coordinates we have for things in the physical world.

Ok what about work and home ?


I work heavily over the internet. I stay at home thus on my laptop and pick the URL shuttle to Facebook to visit my friends and sometimes to Twitter to check out highlights. When I am done with work I sit in front of my YouTube [↗] TV and watch TED talks.

Oh, did I mention I am a freelance developer? I build company structures like shops comparable to the ones you find on Etsy [↗] and potable kiosks like the self-service apps companies provide. Whenever I get paid I pick the First Atlantic [↗] URL shuttle check my balance and head over to Amazon [↗] or AliExpress [↗] to shop. What about the food? I just place an order and it's delivered to me. And for fun my friend Charles in London chases pokemon.

Sad parts


I remember the first Facebook account I had. I stupidly exposed my login details to the public and within minutes it was taken over by someone else. Yes just like thieves break into houses and take stuff. In my case, they took over the place. This has led to the need for higher-security measures like better doors with username/email password combos. Brick walls in the form of firewalls and have security experts on guard 24/7 in some cases.

The internet is a sweet place to be and so many people come on to attend classes, be social, get spiritual or settle forever, etc.

As we connect more and more entities to the internet we are running out of space thus it's becoming hard to give these entities their own addresses. But like the physical world, we have worked around this by taking away IP addresses from vacant entities and giving them out to new entities. There are also plans to extend our addressing system with the introduction of IP6.

Why do I love planet Internet so much ?


The Internet is an open and free planet . We don’t have a central government yet we maintain order and have people who volunteer to make it a better place to live. We sometimes have people coming here to leak stuff about the physical world because they don’t want to be found and planet Internet just happens to be the best place to stay anonymous.

Free education is a thing here. I should mention that the bulk of my education has been through the internet. From soft skills to dev skills. We don’t take exams here because everyone understands you need most of these skills to survive and sometimes even make a living. We have prestigious institutes like wikipedia [↗] archive.org [↗] libraries and MIT [↗] open courseware free for all. And more professional institutes like Code Academy [↗] and Tree House [↗] just to mention a few.

No need for Visas. On the internet you don’t need a visa to enjoy a service from Nigeria or US, all it takes is a URL ride and you are there. End of story!

Life is blazing fast here. Seriously things move fast here. Take a look at our transportation system. Good routing networks, we have one of the best traffic control mechanisms, and our shuttles are super easy to board, enter your destination URL hit enter and you are there. We wait for nobody.


Monetary System. We have one of the best monetary systems in the universe. Let us talk about the popular bitcoin system we have here. A decentralized transparent and open system owned by no one with only maintainers keeping it alive. With our blockchain system, we can keep a truly incorruptible ledger.

Entertainment. Am not going to say much here just check out some of the popular options we have available Netflix [↗], Spotify [↗], SoundCloud [↗], YouTube [↗], etc.

Still think Mars is better?


Well, I can’t shatter your dreams of going to Mars but just so you know the Internet is only 25 years old and we have made so much progress. When Mars is ready for life I bet people will want the internet there too.

So why not settle on the hypervisor planet called the Internet?

I rest my case and Happy Coding!

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