Last updated 2022-09-09 13:34:42

Jumping To Any Section Of Your Markdown Document

You might want to add links in other parts of your markdown document so users can click and easily navigate to different sections. This can be done using Anchor tags.

01: - Click [here](#third-heading) to get to the third section. 02: 03: - Content for third heading. 04: 05: <a id="third-heading"></a> 06: Third section.

The code above has two key parts. [here](#third-heading) that points to < a id="third-heading">< /a>.

Most markdown renderers generate anchor links for only headings thus anything after the hash symbol (#). Eg:

01: # Heading 02: Content goes here.

This means you can only reference headings. By introducing your own anchor tag you can reference and link to any text within your markdown document.

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