Last updated 2024-01-10 05:26:55

PHP Returns An Array Empty | Works Locally But Not On The Server | Fix

This is a very well addressed problem [↗] and usually comes down to developer error.

There is however one other reason this might occur which is much harder to detect.

POST URL redirects (HTTP 302)

The basic fact is that you will lose your payload if the POST URL is set to redirect to a different one during a request.

You can use an online URL resolver [↗] to figure out if your URL is redirecting.

You can then fix this by using the destination URL instead i.e: the URL the original one resolved to or undo the redirect setup altogether.

This issue will typically occur if your SSL setup forces all http requests to https.

Another reason your POST payload might be empty is that your server's PHP setup is not configured to handle POST requests.

Run the phpinfo function (code below) to find out if enable_post_data_reading is set to on. This means your PHP setup can handle POST requests

01: <?php 02: 03: phpinfo();

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