Last updated 2022-10-22 08:58:42

Snippet Injection Not Working On Netlify

On Netlifly [↗], you can inject scripts like CSS and JS into your production app. This means for example, instead of having your Google Analytics script in the development/local version of your website, you can leave that out for Netlify to add in production.

Netlify snippet injection image [→]

This means your local use of the site won't be captured in analytics.

How to inject snippets on Netlifly

Follow the steps below to add a snippet to your site on Netlify.

  • Select your site on Netlify.
  • Head over to the Site settings page.
  • Select Build & deploy > Post processing from the left hand menu.
  • Click on Add snippet from the Post processing > Snippet injection section

The Snippet form lets you specify where the script goes on your page. Either in the head or body.

You'll also need to give your script a name.

Also, remember your script will be pasted directly into the page, so put the script tag around it before saving, e.g. < script >, < style >

What can go wrong?

A script won't show up if there are no head or body tags in your page's markup (HTML). Make sure all pages have the required tag.

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