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Using A Subdomain Name On Hostinger: A Step-by-Step Guide

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subdomains on Hostinger [→]


In this post, we'll explore the process of linking a subdomain from another provider to your app or website hosted on Hostinger [↗]. I will be using Namecheap [↗] as the domain name provider but the setup process remains the same for all providers.

Finding your website IP Address

Hostinger dashboard [→]

The first step is to setup our website on Hostinger. During this process, you should also provide the subdomain name you will be using.

Once that is done, Hostinger will display the IP address assigned to your website under the "Website IP address" label (See screenshot above).

Setting your DNS record

Hostinger dashboard [→]

The next step is to point your subdomain to that IP address.

This is done from the DNS panel provided by your domain name provider. The screenshot illustrates where to locate this on Namecheap.

An A record allows you to point a domain or sub-domain to an IP address.

So lets say we will like to point app.localhost.com to, our DNS entry will be:

A recordapp127.0.0.1Automatic
  • Type: Specifies the DNS record type.
  • Host: This is the sub-domain prefix we want to use.
  • Value: This is the IP address we want to point to.
  • TTL: Specifies how long the DNS server should keep this entry in its cache. If you can, set this as Automatic.


Hostinger dashboard [→]

You don't have to worry about SSL, as Hostinger will handle both the issuance of a Let'sEncrypt [↗] SSL certificate and its renewal process.

NOTE: The setup including SSL might take a while to propagate.

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