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What Does General Purpose Mean?

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General purpose is a term used in the developer world when a particular code, program, or software is meant to offer general functionalities instead of specialized ones. Such software or programs are capable to handle a variety of tasks, so they attract more users and are mostly available at low cost.

General purpose term is also used to refer general purpose programming languages [→]. This implies those programming languages that are dedicated for general purpose use and can fulfill the needs of a variety of domains.

Use Cases and Examples

Some of the widely used general purpose software include Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Similarly, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, C#, Java, and similar others are examples of general purpose programming languages.

Other than general purpose software or programming language, you might also hear general purpose term used to refer to general purpose computers. Our personal computers, such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, and notebooks, are some examples of general purpose computers.


General purpose is a term with a wide range of meaning in the developer world. Whether it is used to refer to general purpose code, software, programming language, or computer, it basically highlights that users can expect lots of general purpose functionalities from that system.

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