Last updated 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Backlog?

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A backlog is a set of tasks that needs to be fulfilled to get a completed project.

Use Cases and Examples

In the present fast-paced and agile environment, developers or technical teams are under great pressure to deliver new applications or features based on customer demands. So, to remain productive and address the demands effectively, product backlog plays a key role.

For example, a software team can sit together with business owners to set up a prioritized list of tasks (backlog). With an accurate backlog, the team can move swiftly. So, even if one task gets canceled or put on hold, the team can work on the next lined-up task and remain productive.


A glimpse of the backlog empowers a team to have a prior preview of what is coming next. So, the team can start thinking about how to address the next list of tasks. In addition, they can also address any dependencies, conflicts, or work needed in advance. In short, backlogs help teams to be more productive and time-efficient in accomplishing tasks.

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