Last updated 2024-04-04 05:25:47

What Is A Closing Tag?

A closing tag is the second part of a pair of tags used to define elements within an HTML document. HTML tags come in pairs: an opening tag and a corresponding closing tag. The closing tag marks the end of an element and is denoted by the tag name preceded by a forward slash ().

For example, in HTML, the

tag is used to define a paragraph element. It follows this pattern:

  • Opening tag:

    marks the beginning of the paragraph element.

  • Closing tag:

    marks the end of the paragraph element.

Here's an example:

01: <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

In this example:

  • is the opening tag that starts the paragraph element.

  • is the closing tag that ends the paragraph element.
  • The content between the opening and closing tags (This is a paragraph.) is the actual content of the paragraph.

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