Last updated 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Key Value Pair?


Key-value pair is a phrase used to refer to any data set that has two parts, an identifier known as a key and a value being the data captured.

Use Cases and Examples

key-value pairs make it easy to organize data into groups. There are many data stores and data structures that store information as key-value pairs. For example the JSON [→] data structure

01: [ 02: { 03: "name":"Ama", 04: "age":23 05: }, 06: { 07: "name":"Kofi", 08: "age":24 09: } 10: ]

In the above example one of the objects has name as the key and the value being Ama.

Some databases that implement key-value pair structures include redis [↗] and memcached [↗]. Because of the simple nature of key-value data stores they are mostly used to store simple data sets like cached [→] data and queue values.

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