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What Is A Server?

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A server is a computer connected to the internet and has the proper software setup to return data in the form of a website, image music, etc., whenever a user requests it.

Whenever you enter a website URL and a page is returned to you. It's a server somewhere preparing and sending that page back to you.

Use Cases and Examples

The software that interprets the request a user sends is also known as a server. So it's used to refer to both the hardware and software. Popular examples of server software include Apache [↗] and Nginx [↗].

Instead of setting up and managing their servers, developers and companies can purchase, rent or pay a subscription to hosting companies to access server resources. Popular choices include Digital Ocean [↗], Google Cloud [↗] Amazon AWS [↗].

Cloud Offering: This is similar to the concept of renting a server but engulfs the renting and accessing of not only servers but every resource needed to run and distribute software.


Servers are the backend bone when it comes to modern software distribution.

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