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What Is A URL Slug?

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A URL slug is the part of a URL formed from the title of the content.

Use Cases and Examples

Let's use this blog post as an example.

It has the title "What Is A URL Slug?" and its resulting URL is https://www.eddymens.com/blog/what-is-a-url-slug.

Notice the end of the URL "what-is-a-url-slug". This is what is known as the slug. Its created using the title.

Slugs are mostly used in the URLs of content-heavy websites. This is good for SEO since most search engines match not only content but also the URL to search terms.


Not every part of a title is used as part of the slug. For example, question marks are left out since they mean something else when it comes to URLs.

Alsom spaces are removed and replaced with a different character. Most commonly - or _ is used.

Most Content Management Systems [↗] automatically convert titles to slugs when creating new content.

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