What Is An Integrated Development Environment IDE?


An Integrated Development Environment(IDE) is a term used to describe a code editor that comes with a host of tools to make working on a codebase a lot more easier and efficient.

Use Cases and Examples

For many types of software development out there, a basic code editor might be enough to do the job.

For some software projects such as the development of an IOS app, a basic code editor might not be sufficient.

X Code which is the primary IDE for developing IOS apps provides a host of tools to make the development a lot more efficient. For example, it comes with an app previewer/emulator so that you can see what the app will look like as you go along. This is also true for Android Studio for Android app development.


Some code editors like Visual Studio Code, now provide a host of tools in the form of plugins and can be said to be a lot more an IDE than a code editor in this case.

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