What Is Crud?

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The Create, Read, Update, & Delete (CRUD) acronym in programming is used to describe the 4 basic data management functions in an application.

Use Cases and Examples

Many applications out on the market today have some form of CRUD operation implemented, from when you add a new item to the cart, to deleting it.

Here is a breakdown of the acronym and the function of each one:

  • Create: This refers to any action performed to add new data to a database or application.
  • Read: This refers to any action performed to retrieve any data from a database. Usually, this is in other to display them.
  • Update: This is when existing data is updated. Users perform this whenever they update their password for example.
  • Delete: This refers to getting rid of existing data altogether.

This term makes it easy for developers to convey to others that an application or API has or needs to be able to perform the 4 basic data management functions.


This term is commonly used in API development.

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