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What Is Feature Creeping?

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In simple words, feature creep implies the addition of excessive features into a product/app that makes it overly complex and ironically less valuable to the user. It is a result of focusing on feature-oriented experiences rather than being user-centric.

Usually, when a company has to overcome competitors or increase product commercial value, they try to force new features without considering what users actually want. Feature creep is also known as scope creep or requirements creep.

Use Cases and Examples

There is a perception that if a product offers more features, it will get a lot more patronage. But this might not be the reality.

Feature creep may also happen when the business and or development team do not put in place a rollout plan where features will be added incrementally.


Feature creep occurs either due to poor planning, misaligned priorities, or inadequate product strategy. When "out of scope" new features are requested or the updates are not reviewed properly before being released, it can result in feature creep.

The best approach when launching a new app or a product is to offer only key features for what that app or product is designed for ie: an MVP [→]. Afterward, based on the user reviews and feedback, new features may be added.

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