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What Is High Level?

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In the developer world, high-level is a term that refers to anything that a developer does not have to explain in-depth. It could be explaining code without talking in-depth or it could be explaining a software/system without mentioning its details.

Use Cases and Examples

high-level is often used to distinguish programming languages [→]. For example, high-level programming languages are referred to as those programming languages that are easy to understand for the most part and also allows the programming to specify what they will like a computer to achieve as opposed to telling the computer how to achieve it. They don't need in-depth knowledge on how to computer works under the hood. Most of the widely used programming languages are known as high-level languages, such as Python, Java, C++, etc.


Whenever the term high-level is used in the computer industry, it is meant to highlight things that don't require in-depth knowledge or explanation.

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