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What Is Low Level?

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Low level is a term used when a developer explains things in-depth. It could be providing a detailed explanation of code [→], or working on code/program that requires a deeper understanding of the hardware you are working with.

Use Cases and Examples

Low level is often used to refer to a programming language [→] that is machine-friendly instead of programmer-friendly.

For example, assembly language is very hard for humans to read as it details step by step how the computer should move things in memory and compute instruction to achieve some computing task, meaning if you don't understand how the computer works under the hood you will be very lost. Compare this to a programming language like Python that takes care of all that leaving the programmer to specify what they need done instead of telling the computer how to do it.


Whenever the term "low level" is used in the computer industry, it is meant to highlight that a particular code or program does require deeper understanding.

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