Last updated 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is Semver?


Semver versioning is a type of versioning [→] that tracks major and minor changes as well as fixes using the format Major.Minor.Patch eg: 1.0.0.

Use Cases and Examples

Semver versioning provides a lot more information. For example, by just looking at two version numbers one can tell if different versions of the software are compatible with each other.

  • The Major number is increased when the change made to the software makes it widely different from the previous version and might result in major changes from the end-user as well.
  • When the changes made result in a change that is subtle and not too different from the previous version the Minor part is increased by a number.
  • When the changes made are to fix components that should already work, the Patch number is increased.

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