What Is Source Code?

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Source code is the collection of code or a string of text files that make up a program.

A program is a set of instructions and statements produced by a programmer in a computer programming language. Another program called a compiler or interpreter then converts this code into something the computer better understands called machine language.

To write source code. Programmers can use a text editor, a visual programming tool, or an integrated development environment (IDE).

Use cases and Examples

01: /* Hello World program */
02: #include<stdio.h>
03: main ()
04: {
05: print ("Hello World");
06: }

Above is an example of a source code in the C programming language and this is a simple program it's meant to output the words Hello World. on the screen. For bigger and more complex programs the source code usually spans multiple lines and or multiple files.


Source code is one of the core parts of a program a programmer works on. It includes declarations, instructions, functions, loops, and other statements that might be particular to the programming language in use.

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