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Who Is A Programmer?

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A programmer, software developer, or software engineer is an individual who creates software. This individual understands at least one programming language [→] in which they write this software.

But knowing a programming language is usually not enough to create software [→]. You need to be familiar with a host of tools and software concepts.

Use cases and Examples

Given how vast the software field is, most software professionals specialize in one area.

A few of such specialization titles include:

  • Frontend Developer: This is someone who specializes in creating user interfaces on the web.

  • Backend Developer: This is a developer who mostly works on the part of web applications that handle the processing happening whenever you perform an action, from data processing to payment processing.

  • Full-Stack developer: Some developers master the frontend and backend to the extent that they can work on either side of a web application.

  • Mobile Developers: These are developers who focus on building mobile applications. The mobile landscape is very different from the web, so it requires different developer tools and processes, and some developers specialize in that.

  • Game Developers: Some specialization is industry-based, like game development. Creating games in itself requires understanding a lot more outside of software. Combine that with software development skills, and this positions you to be a game developer

  • DevOps Engineers: The role of most DevOps engineers is to help software teams put together and manage the distribution pipeline for moving software from development and getting it to its intended users.


Software engineering is a broad field, and most developers have vast skill sets, from tooling to industry-specific skill sets.

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