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Last updated 2023-06-11 14:11:46

Who Is A Software Technical Writer? (Q&A)

Technical writers as a general term refer to someone responsible for creating instruction manuals, guides, and walkthroughs explaining how to use a product, technical terms, and concepts. In the context of software, technical writers are responsible for providing and maintaining d...

Last updated 2023-05-31 02:41:26

How To Make A Markdown Link Open In Another Tab

Sometimes it's important not to break a reader's flow by redirecting them away from your markdown document when they click on a link. In this case, such links should open up in a different tab in their browser, unfortunately, the ...

Last updated 2023-05-08 09:21:57

Mermaid Tutorial (setup)

If you do not already know Mermaid diagrams makes it possible to create diagrams within your Markdown or HTML. Mermaid diagrams might not yet be supported within your CMS in which case you...

Last updated 2023-05-08 09:21:54

Mermaid Tutorial (flowchart)

flowchart TD start(START) --> input[/Get l,b/] --> process[A = l*b] --> decision{is A < 12} decision --> |Yes| input decision --> |No| output output[/print A/] --> stop(STOP) import mermaid from 'https:/...

Last updated 2022-09-07 12:41:22

How To Become A Software Technical Writer

Using some products is very straightforward. Either because the product itself is not complicated or the task it's meant to complete does not require much knowledge. For example, figuring out how a toothbrush works. There are however certain products that have many moving parts or...

Last updated 2022-08-06 16:41:12

Can Markdown Have Images?

Yes, markdown supports adding images. The goal of Markdown is to provide a more readable alternative syntax to that of HTML for writers and editors. The majority of the Markdown syntax covers typographic HTML tags. For example, to make a text bold in HTML you will use the following s...