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Last updated 2024-07-23 10:33:51

How To Add A Caption To An Image In Markdown

This is an image caption Markdown unfortunately doesn't provide syntax for adding captions to images, however since HTML is a superset of Markdown we can use HTML to achieve this. Some markdown parsers allow you to display the alt text of...

Last updated 2024-07-12 06:27:47

Setting An Attribute To Null In OpenAPI

OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) is a tool for defining APIs. It allows you to describe your API structure and data types in a standardized format. One common requirement is to all...

Last updated 2024-06-16 11:26:14

How To Override The Base URL For A Specific Endpoint In An OpenAPI Spec

Most APIs share the same base URL with different paths tacked on. For instance, and both start with the ...

Last updated 2024-06-13 14:12:47

How To Store And Access Array Data From Laravel's .env File

In Laravel, configuration settings are typically managed using the file, which stores key-value pairs that define the behavior of the application. This format works well for most configuration settings. But what if you need to assign a list of values to a single key? Let's consider a sc...

Last updated 2024-04-28 22:41:21

Creating A Browser-based Interactive Terminal (Using XtermJS And NodeJS)

The initial version of my implementation didn't support interactive sessions. I have now updated the code to support this ! So now VIM works fine 🎉 🎉 ...

Last updated 2024-04-27 22:41:21

A Sample Page With Broken Links For Testing Purposes

This page exists for testing purposes. In a world of web, where links do roam, I sought to find them, in their own home. Link to Status 200 ...