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What Is Pair Programming?

Pair programming is a software development technique where two but possibly more developers sit behind one computer and work together to write code. The developers tackle the same problem instead of splitting it amongst themselves (divide and conquer). The goal of this method is t...

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What Is Prerendering?

Whenever you request a webpage you will get one of two things: a. Everything you need to render the page b Some markup structure and Javascript to loa...

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What Is A Single Page Application (SPA)?

SPA or Single Page Application is a web application implemented in a way it gives the end-user an experience similar to using an installed app. Thus page transitions happen swiftly without the page reloading. SPAs start by loading up the initial page made up of HTML, CSS, Javascript then r...

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What Is Iteration In Programming ?

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What Is A Public Beta?

A public beta is a software release cycle where a new version of completely new software is released to the public with a disclaimer pointing out it might not be completely stable. If this is a new version of an existing software, the existing software will most times be left up and rem...

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What Is A Feature Request?

A feature request is a feature a user would like to see in a product. It's up to the creators of the product to sort through these requests and decide which ones to implement. Most creators these days will typically release the most basic form of their product known as an ...