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What Is A Runtime Error?

A runtime error is an error that occurs while a computer program is running. These errors typically cause the program to stop or lead to undesired results. Here are some causes of runtime errors: Invalid user input: If programs fail to validate user input before process...

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What Is A Stack Trace?

A stack trace or backtrace, is a report unfolding the execution path of a program. It's a critical tool used for debugging by following the sequence of execution leading to a specific point, which could...

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What Is A String In Programming

A string is a data type that stores a character, text or numbers as text. String as data can represent a whole vasriatity of things from user names, product descriptions, file paths, user input in gener...

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What Is A Syntax Error?

Syntax error is when the written code structure does not follow the rules of the programming language in question. This is similar to writing a sentence that violates the English grammar rules. Syntax erro...

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What Is A Tag In HTML?

In HTML, a tag is a fundamental part of the markup language used to define and structure the content within a web page. Tags are enclosed in angle brackets () and usually come in pairs: an opening tag and a corresponding closing tag. They define elements that determine how content is displayed or...

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What Is An Exception In Programming?

An exception occurs when an error or an unexpected condition arises during the execution of a program that the code cannot properly handle. In simple terms, the program is confused and unable to continue executing. Exceptions are typically caused by various factors, such as: ...