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What Is Debugging?

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Debugging is the process of checking, identifying, and removing problems, errors, or bugs [→] from software, systems, or computer programs. It is a fundamental part of software development that is routinely conducted throughout the software development cycle when issues arise.

Use Cases and examples

Debugging is conducted with the help of a debugger (debugging tool), however debugging can be as simple as a developer writing lines of temporal code in an investigative manner to deduce as much info to help them identify, replicate and fix the issue with the software.

Most software issues are caused when a user uses the software in a way that has never been tested and happens to break the software. In such cases the first step for the developer is to replicate this use case, then try and figure out what exactly happens to break it and finally come up with a fix for it.


Debugging is a crucial process to determine why a program or application has errors.

Sometimes it can turn out to be a difficult job, as debugging an unfamiliar software program sometimes take time.

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