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What Is Exception Handling?

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Exception handling is any piece of code you add to your software application to catch possible errors (expected or unexpected) within your software application.

Use Cases and Examples

Most often a software application will come to a halt or break if it encounters an error. For this reason software engineers [→] will add an exception handler that triggers a block of code to be run in case a software application stumbles on an error.

01: try { 02: const output = await fetch('https://url.tld'); 03: } catch (error) { 04: console.log('Error: ', error); 05: }

In the Javascript code above, the developer attempts to fetch some data from a URL within the try{...} in case that fails the developer provides code to be run which is within the catch(){..} block. In this case that is to output the error message.


Exception Handlers help to prevent software from breaking by at least ensuring the software fails gracefully in worse-case scenarios.

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