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What Is Shell Scripting?

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Shell is an interpreter [β†’], a program designed to run on UNIX-based operating systems [β†’]. To work with shell you can type out your instructions right in the terminal or write the instructions out as a script which will contain the instructions to be executed by the shell interpreter.

Several commands can be executed using shell, from telling the time to manipulating files.

Use Cases and Examples

Shell scripts have several use cases and are generally used to automate processes that are repeatedly asked to be executed by the user. By writing a shell script, the developer can automate such processes to avoid unnecessary repetitive tasks. Below is an example Shell code prompting users to write their names and giving a response in return:

01: Echo β€œHello, would it be okay if I were to ask you your name?” 02: Read NAME 03: Echo β€œHello, $NAME”

The result would appear in the following manner:

01: Hello, would it be okay if I were to ask you your name? 02: John 03: Hello, John

Another popular use of shell scripting in the past was for the deployment [β†’] of software onto servers [β†’], these days this has been overtaken by a lot more complex tools.


Shell scripting is a UNIX-based computer program that allows certain recurring tasks to be automated. The commands entered are to be executed by the shell interpreter.

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