What Is URL Mapping?


URL mapping is the process of mapping URLs to web pages.

Use Cases and Examples.

Generally, URL mapping is done automatically by a CMS [↗] or content system. However, for Search Engine Optimization [↗] among other things, some teams will modify the structure of some URLs.

For example, a CMS might generate a URL (slug) [→] for an article based on the content title, however, to optimize for SEO the team might change the URL to contain specific keywords.

URL mapping on a more technical level, is a routing system that is part of a web service or website and is responsible for mapping URLs to pages our relaying them to the right logic, this is also known as URL mapping.


There can also be URL re-mapping which is changing where a URL points to. You might need to do this if the original content or page is no longer available or has been moved.

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