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Last updated 2022-07-01 13:29:55

How To Remove New (untracked) Files From A Git Repo

Sometimes whiles working on a project you end up with files and or folders that you don't need. This usually happens when you run scaffolders or generators. Git allows you to delete such files and folders. They are known as untracked folders or files as they have never been committed ad tr...

Last updated 2022-07-01 04:15:52

How To Build A Serverless Contact Form With Digital Ocean Functions

This tutorial walks you through creating a serverless contact form handler for your static site using Digital Ocean functions . As part of the setup, we will be st...

Last updated 2022-06-06 08:47:00

Automate Deployment To AWS S3 Using Github Actions

The first step is to setup an S3 bucket for your static site, I have a different article on how to do that . In other to enable deployment from GitHub to S3 you should also have the source co...

Last updated 2022-06-05 19:08:37

Deploying A Static Website To AWS S3

AWS S3 is a cloud storage service that caters to the storage needs of modern software applications. S3 buckets can be used to host static sites. Any website made up of HTML, CSS, and Javascript can be hosted and made publicly available using S3. Once you have your AWS account all s...

Last updated 2022-05-24 06:13:07

Javascript Assignment Deconstruction - A Good Use Case

The Javascript assignment deconstruction syntax simplifies taking values in an array or object and storing each item ...

Last updated 2021-12-09 21:57:28

How To Successfully Upgrade Laravel Applications To The Latest Version

One of the painful but most often useful things you have to do as a software developer or team is upgrading your software to the latest version of a framework it relies on. Most often you can delay the need to upgrade if you are running on a ...