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Last updated 2022-09-04 07:58:50

Resize Image To Exact Dimensions | Imagemagic

ImageMagick provides a host of tools like the Convert command for modifying images. The Convert command can be used to resize images. You can resize your images in two ways....

Last updated 2022-09-04 05:59:58

Compile NodeJS To Executable

You can bundle your NodeJS project into a single executable program for several operating systems using the PKG CLI tool . This is a tool provided by ...

Last updated 2022-07-27 09:50:41

Netlify _redirect Not Working | Fix

So you followed the Netlify docs on how to set up redirects but they still don't work. Here are three things you can double-check to fix this: Redirects only wo...

Last updated 2022-07-23 06:56:26

HTML Video Autoplay Not Working | Fix

Animated GIFs need to be fully downloaded before they can be played. This can take a toll on your website's loading speed. You should consider loading your animations as a video instead by using the following HTML markup. ...

Last updated 2022-07-14 12:33:28

How To Turn A Git Branch To A Repository