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What Is The Document Object Model (DOM)?

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a model or data structure formed based on the HTML elements present within a document. This structure is what browsers use to render a page. This s...

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What Is Localization?

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What Is Shell Scripting?

Shell is an interpreter , a program designed to run on UNIX-based operating systems . To work with shell yo...

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What Is Crud?

The Create, Read, Update, & Delete (CRUD) acronym in programming is used to describe the 4 basic data management functions in an application. Many applications out on the market today have some form of CRUD operation implemented, from when you add a new item to the cart, to deleti...

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What Is Casting?

To better understand casting its worth reading about data types first. So if data types define the type of data computers store, casting is converting data from one type to another. Computers r...

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What Is Jwt?

Most mobile apps on your phone need to communicate to a server to perform most of their functionalities. Most of this functionality involves accessing user data, so you want to be sure the right user ...