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Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Key Value Pair?

Key-value pair is a phrase used to refer to any data set that has two parts, an identifier known as a key and a value being the data captured. key-value pairs make it easy to organize data into groups. There are many data stores and data ...

Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Keyword?

Keywords are words that have a predefined meaning in a programming language. Keywords are reserved words that developers or programmers cannot use as the name of say a variable , const...

Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Loop?

One of the beautiful things about a computer is its ability to follow a list of instructions from top to bottom, executing them at a fast pace. But the most remarkable part is its ability to continue performing that same task over and over and only stops when it finds a...

Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Macro?

A macro is a pseudo instruction that is meant to be converted to code later on. Similar to the use of emojis during texting. It's just a single image but conveys meaning to its intended reader. One that might span an entire sentence if expressed as text. In the ...

Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Minimum Viable Product MVP?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a term used to describe a software product that has only the most crucial features without any bells and whistles. MVPs can play an important role in a products rollout plan. Some software teams some...

Published 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Is A Parameter?

When you take a look at mathematical formulas most of them usually have alphabets say x or y in them, and the intention is that anyone using these formulas will replace the x and ys with actual values. In the programming world functions can be viewe...