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What Is Regression Testing?

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You can start a simple [Python]() HTTP server using the or modules for Python 2.x and Python 3.x respectively. This allows you to serve HTML files more easily. The above will both start a server on port ...

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What Is A Relative URL?

A relative URL is a partial URL path that is provided relative to the page or site that it's on. It's usually up to the platform, browser, or viewer of the URL to match and put together the other parts of the URL to make it complete. For example, append the website's domain name and TLD t...

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What Is An Absolute URL?

An absolute URL is a URL that is complete in its structure. It has a domain, TLD, and a path and leads to a page when accessed through the browser. Here are some examples of what an absolute URL looks like: ...

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Who Is A Software Technical Writer? (Q&A)

Technical writers as a general term refer to someone responsible for creating instruction manuals, guides, and walkthroughs explaining how to use a product, technical terms, and concepts. In the context of software, technical writers are responsible for providing and maintaining d...

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An Easier Way To Freelancing In Luxembourg | As A Non-EU Citizen

The private residence permit I talk about in this article will be receiving so...