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How To Comment In Markdown

Commenting in Markdown uses the same syntax as HTML, thus the . Single line comme...

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How To Change All Markdown Bold Titles Into Headers In VS Code

Let's say you have a relatively large number of bold titles i.e.: you would like to change to header titles i.e.:. A basic search and replace will not cut it so we will need to search using ...

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How To Center An Image In Markdown


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Markdown Nested Lists

In a previous article we looked at how to create a list in Markdown. In this article, we will look at how to create a list within a list. Something like this: Wake up ...

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Markdown: Add A Blockquote

To create a blockquote to draw emphasis or highlight a block of text you will use the syntax. For example: This is a block of text Markdown: Here is another article for you 😊 "...

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How To Create A List In Markdown

A list is one of the best ways of laying out step-by-step instructions or presenting related items to readers. There are two main types of lists: An ordered list is one where the items within the list need to be followed in chronological order. Here is an example of such l...