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How To Override The Base URL For A Specific Endpoint In An OpenAPI Spec

Most APIs share the same base URL with different paths tacked on. For instance, and both start with the ...

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What Is A Request Body?

A request body is data you send to a service or system to be processed. This can be end-user data or instructions to be interpreted by the system. When it comes to APIs , request data is sent as part of a ...

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What Is A Response Body?

A response body is the structured data you get back when you make a request to a service or system. This term is commonly used with making API requests. Response bodies can take different forms and ...

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OpenAPI Specification | All-In-One Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will look at how to document HTTP-based APIs using the OpenAPI Specification ....

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How To Add Query Parameters To An OpenAPI Specification

Let's assume you want to document the query parameters and for your GET endpoint thus . You will first need to declare the parameters: key, under which you will begin to list out all t...

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What Is An API Endpoint?

To better understand what an API endpoint is, it's best to understand what an API is in the first place. Simply put an Application Programming Interface (API) is a combination of specifications and code t...