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Last updated 2023-08-09 18:27:48

What To Watch Out For When Writing JavaScript Without Semi-colons

A semi-colon is used to mark the end of a statement or to separate multiple statements on one line in many programming languages such as Javascript. However, the use of semi-colons in Javascript is optional as the parser appends missing semi-colons behind the scenes by followin...

Last updated 2023-08-09 18:19:05

Puppeteer: Fix Timeout Issue

By default Puppeteer will timeout and stop loading a page if it takes too long. To fix this you will have to specify the maximum time it needs to wait for the page to load before timing out. The...

Last updated 2023-08-08 06:25:04

Matching Markdown And HTML Headings Using Regex (JS)

The Javascript code below matches the different types of headings in a Markdown string. This includes HTML headings since Markdown is a superset of HTML. The different types of headings the script matches are: Markdown hash based heading: Thus , , , , etc. A...

Last updated 2023-08-07 05:06:00

How To Remove The Arrow From The HTML Details Tag


Last updated 2023-08-07 05:06:00

How To Save Command Line Outputs To A File

During web development, you will typically have a local server running. For example, in Laravel you will run to start an HTTP server. With the server running, each time you load up a page you get an influx of logs within your terminal, thankfully all error and warning logs that show up wi...

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Openapi Array Of Objects Example