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Last updated 2023-08-31 07:56:41

Get The Metadata Header From A Markdown File Using PHP

In this short write-up I have put together PHP code that reads a markdown file, extracts its YAML-based meta header, allows you to modify it then updates the original markdown file with the changes. ...

Last updated 2023-08-29 07:06:35

GIT - Find The Number Of Files Changed

You can use the command below if you ever need to figure out how many files have changed before committing them. A good use case is when those changes are made using a script. ...

Last updated 2023-08-23 04:42:02

How To Start An HTTP Server In Python 2 & 3

Python provides a convenient way to start a simple HTTP server to serve up HTML files using the module in Python 2. In Python 3 this is done using the module. If you have both versions of Python install Python 3 might be available as `python3`` in which case us...

Last updated 2023-08-14 10:38:52

How To Refresh A Laravel 10 Tinker Session

You may have run into the annoying situation of needing to exit and restart your Tinker session each time you modify your code. In this walkthrough we will look at one way you can easily refresh your Tinker session by using the script below. ...

Last updated 2023-08-13 09:17:19

What Is An Access Control List (ACL)?

An Access Control List is a list that defines which features of a computer system, software, or resource a user has access to. Let's say your software system has different types of roles, say an admin (ADM), data entry (DE), and supervisor role (SR). In this case, you might have a...

Last updated 2023-08-13 08:38:53

How To Allow Users To Be Logged In Forever | Laravel 10

Laravel by default logs out an inactive user after some minutes. For apps that are the main drivers of a person's business, you might want to avoid requiring the user to log in every few m...