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Last updated 2022-11-05 03:50:45

What Does General Purpose Mean?

General purpose is a term used in the developer world when a particular code, program, or software is meant to offer general functionalities instead of specialized ones. Such software or programs are capable to handle a variety of tasks, so they attract more users and are mostly available at low...

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What Does Stateless Mean?

A web application is said to be stateless when it doesn't store any information to remember a user's last visit. Modern web applications usually have their frontend code separate...

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What Is A Backlog?

A backlog is a set of tasks that needs to be fulfilled to get a completed project. In the present fast-paced and agile environment, developers or technical teams are under great pressure to deliver new applications or features based on customer demands. So, to remain productive and addre...

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What Is A Bug?

Bugs are coding errors, flaws, or faults in a computer program or software that cause the system to misbehave or produce unexpected results. In simple terms, bugs refer to any outcome or behavior that a program or software presents which was not meant to exist. In most cases, bugs are cau...

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What Is A Cache?

A cache is a storage component (both in software and hardware form) that makes it easy for the computer to recall data faster because the computation is done earlier. While limited in memory, cache data is storage that records the data to reduce loading time in case the user wants to access the ...

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What Is A Callback?

Functions when used in code performs a set of predefined instructions, its similar to options on a washing machine where choosing one setting will wash your cloths at a specific temperature, for a set durati...