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Last updated 2024-01-03 05:33:38

Who Is A Developer Relations Engineer?

DevRel engineers are individuals with a software development background who promote technical products to developers. Most software products these days are meant to solve everyday business problems, and the marketing and sales process touch on concepts that are very familiar to the everyd...

Last updated 2024-01-03 05:33:38

Who Is A Sales Engineer?

Sales engineers are individuals who understand how to use a given product from a technical standpoint. They usually work with business and sales reps to convert potential customers by answering technical questions and coming up with technical solutions when needed. Sales engineers...

Last updated 2023-12-17 08:31:50

Who Is A Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)?

Engineers create software, and QA engineers test them to see if there are any bugs . QA engineers look for different...

Last updated 2023-12-17 08:23:37

What Is Scoping In Programming?

Scoping in programming is the concept of creating isolated code blocks, very similar to the use of paragraphs to discuss different contexts of a story. Let's look at some examples in code: ...

Last updated 2023-12-17 07:03:42

What Is Nesting In Programming?

Nesting in programming is the concept where one piece of code is found within another. With this, the interpretation or code execution is done in a step-in step-out approach where the nested code is exec...

Last updated 2023-11-27 06:49:18

What Is A Hash Table?

A hash table is a key-value pair data structure that uses a hashed key to decide where to store and look up data values. Retrieval becomes faster since the hashed key is used as the address to store an...