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What Is Debugging?

Debugging is the process of checking, identifying, and removing problems, errors, or bugs from software, systems, or computer programs. It is a fundamental part of software development that is routinely conducted...

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What Is Deployment?

Deployment is the process of releasing new software or software updates. This term is very popular in web development and used to refer to the release of new and updated software onto a web server....

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What Is Deprecation?

In programming, the process of deprecation occurs when a certain piece of code within a codebase becomes irrelevant or is no longer of any use. In such a situation, newly written ...

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What Is Documentation?

Software documentation is any written text, drawings, or video that describes software to its users. A user can be anyone, from a programmer, system analyst to any end-user. Multiple documents for different users may be produced at various phases of development. Software documentation is...

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What Is Feature Creeping?

In simple words, feature creep implies the addition of excessive features into a product/app that makes it overly complex and ironically less valuable to the user. It is a result of focusing on feature-oriented experiences rather than being user-centric. Usually, when a company has to ove...

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What Is High Level?

In the developer world, high-level is a term that refers to anything that a developer does not have to explain in-depth. It could be explaining code without talking in-depth or it could be explaining a software/system without mentioning its details. high-level is often used to distinguis...