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What Is A Bearer Token?

A bearer token is an Access Token passed to a server using the HTTP Authorization header. This cryptographic string can be generated based on a special algorithm or generated randomly. It's used p...

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What Is Code Obfuscation?

Code obfuscation is the art of mangling code in other to make it hard to understand but can still be processed by a compiler or ...

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What Is Deep Linking?

The general term links is used interchangeably with URLs to refer to the piece of string you type into the search bar of a browser to land on a website. A deep link in this case is a URL that points to a particular web page of a website. Say you wanted to visit my A...

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What Is The Document Object Model (DOM)?

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a model or data structure formed based on the HTML elements present within a document. This structure is what browsers use to render a page. This s...

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What Is Localization?

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What Is Shell Scripting?

Shell is an interpreter , a program designed to run on UNIX-based operating systems . To work with shell yo...