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What Is A Feature Request?

A feature request is a feature a user would like to see in a product. It's up to the creators of the product to sort through these requests and decide which ones to implement. Most creators these days will typically release the most basic form of their product known as an ...

Last updated 2024-02-10 07:01:35

What Is A Request For Comments | RFC?

The term Request For Comment (RFC) is an open document outlining proposals from several experts, stakeholders, and/or engineers to create or modify existing technologies and standards. This method was and still is largely used by ...

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What Is A Transactional Email?

Most of us are familiar with emails we and others send to each other. There are however other types of emails, one of which is a transactional email. This is a type of email sent by a computer system or software to a person's inbox. This type of email usually conveys instructions or confi...

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What Is A Specification In Programming?

A specification is a document detailing everything needed to implement a given feature or concept. The goal of specifications is to ensure interoperability when it comes to software that has both a giver and receiving end. Think of it this way, if you had two teams, one building a plane a...

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What Is A Marketing Email?

A marketing email is a type of email sent to users of a product to further promote the product or other parts of the product. A marketing email is usually crafted by the marketing and/or sales team and sent out to current and potential users of a product. Examples of marketing em...

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What Does GA Mean In Software Development?

GA is an abbreviation for General Availability. This is when a software product is finally accessible to all its potential customers. Software teams usually have a process for releasing new software, from a ...