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What Is A Transactional Email?

Most of us are familiar with emails we and others send to each other. There are however other types of emails, one of which is a transactional email. This is a type of email sent by a computer system or software to a person's inbox. This type of email usually conveys instructions or confi...

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What Is A Specification In Programming?

A specification is a document detailing everything needed to implement a given feature or concept. The goal of specifications is to ensure interoperability when it comes to software that has both a giver and receiving end. Think of it this way, if you had two teams, one building a plane a...

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What Is A Marketing Email?

A marketing email is a type of email sent to users of a product to further promote the product or other parts of the product. A marketing email is usually crafted by the marketing and/or sales team and sent out to current and potential users of a product. Examples of marketing em...

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What Does GA Mean In Software Development?

GA is an abbreviation for General Availability. This is when a software product is finally accessible to all its potential customers. Software teams usually have a process for releasing new software, from a ...

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What Does OSS In Software Mean?

OSS is short for Open Source Software ...

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What Is A Build System?

A build system is a system involving the processing of different parts of a software system in other to generate a final version of the software that can be used. Build tools are very similar to factory assemblers that take different finished parts of a car and assemble them to get a fully...