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Embedding Images In Markdown Documents

The syntax for adding an image to a Markdown document is fairly straightforward. This syntax is very similar to that of an anchor link with the only difference being thi...

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Highlighting Code Snippets In Markdown

For technical articles containing code examples, it's important and helpful to present them in the most legible way possible. You can use the backtick (`) symbol to highlight inline code for example, . Inline code examples are the kind you find embedded within a sentence. ...

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Formatting Text In Markdown

This article will discuss a few of Markdown's syntax for formatting text. To make a text bold we place double asterisks at the start and end of the text. For example: To italicize text you need to place single asterisks on both sides of the text...

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The Markdown Syntax For Creating Links

Markdown provides a syntax for adding links to your documents. This way readers can navigate between pages. The syntax for creating a link is as follows: The above is equivalent to the following in HTML Unfortunately Markdown does not provide anyway t...

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How To Create A Table In Markdown

There are two ways to create a table in Markdown: Some Markdown renderers do not support the Markdown table syntax. The syntax for creating a table involves the use of and to mark out what looks like an actual table which is then rendered as an HTML table. Here is an examp...

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