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Last updated 2022-04-27 08:14:54

How To Allow The Use Of Tabs In A Textarea

I have an enlarged textarea box in the backend of my blog where I type my content as markdown and it has always been a pain whenever I need to indent some of the content. By default, the browser hops onto a new field whenever I hit the tab key. Up until now the only way I could indent te...

Last updated 2022-04-24 08:14:54

5 Terms To Know As A Technical Writer [part 3]

In a browser, typing a URL and pressing enter leads you to a webpage. In some cases, the URL needs to be modified with unique information from the user to get a specific response. Consider a website that shows a list of movies, for example. Let's say the URL for this website is . There w...

Last updated 2022-04-16 11:06:05

Curl For Technical Writers

Curl is a command-line tool for making network requests to servers. It can be found on most UNIX-based systems ie: Linux and Mac OS. It can also be set up on Windows with a little bit of e...

Last updated 2022-04-16 11:06:05

What The Heck Is Heatos?

One of the things about APIs is that without accompanying documentation it's difficult to know what is available. On the other hand, most command-line tools, have the well know flag you can invoke to view all the options you can access. What if we could implement something similar to th...

Last updated 2022-04-07 11:06:05

5 Terms To Know As A Technical Writer [part 2]

An API client is a tool used to test APIs. Software developers usually write client-side code to make API calls to a server, however, during the development of such systems, it's a lot more convenient to test those APIs using an API client instead of writing client code. API clients allow...

Last updated 2022-04-07 11:06:05

What You Need To Know About APIs As A Technical Writer

API which is an acronym for Application Programming Interface is used to refer to any software implementation that enables two distinct systems to communicate with each other. In modern software development most of this communication is done over HTTP. APIs c...