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Published 2022-07-01 04:15:52

How To Build A Serverless Contact Form With Digital Ocean Functions

This tutorial walks you through creating a serverless contact form handler for your static site using Digital Ocean functions . As part of the setup, we will ...

Published 2022-06-06 08:47:00

Automate Deployment To AWS S3 Using Github Actions

The first step is to setup an S3 bucket for your static site, I have a different article on how to do that . In other to enable deployment from GitHub to S3 you should also have the sour...

Published 2019-08-21 06:06:33

What The Heck Is GraphQL

Definition GraphQL in itself is a specification describing a new way an app or web frontend as...

Published 2023-09-26 01:46:48

How To Add Query Parameters To An OpenAPI Speicfication

Let's assume you want to document the query parameters and for your GET endpoint thus . You ...

Published 2023-09-24 01:38:08

What Is An Offset In Programming?

An offset describes how much of any data you would like to skip in a list before you begin some form of processing. ...

Published 2023-09-24 01:16:47

What Is A DNS Server?

A Domain Name System is a group of servers that converts a domain name into an ...